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Cornerstone Young Women’s Learning Center Receives $2.6K Grant From Community Foundation

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Notebook Computers Purchased

Cornerstone Young Women’s Learning Center in Plano has received a generous grant from the Community Foundation of Fox River Valley.  “We are thankful and appreciative of the Community Foundation’s grant which will allow us to provide four notebook computers for our residents to use as they complete classes at Waubonsee Community College,” says Regina Niemiec, founder and director of the program.  “These computers will make it easier for our students to take notes in class, to complete homework assignments, to research projects, and to develop computer skills which are essential in today’s work environment.”

Cornerstone Young Women’s Learning Center is a new non-profit facility in Kendall County designed to help young, single, low income mothers improve their lives through education.  Residents will attend Waubonsee Community College and are assisted with housing, child care, transportation and tuition so they can focus on completing their education rather than survival needs.  For more information on how to volunteer, donate, or apply to the program, see our website at

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