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Honoring My Family

Do you remember your grandparents’ names?  Do you remember what they did for a living?  Do you remember your great-grandparents’ names and what they did for a living?

Our memories of loved ones who preceded us by only two or three generations quickly dim. Yet, it does not have to be this way. With a family endowment fund, memories of loved ones will live forever.

Permanent recognition is provided by the Community Foundation for those in whose name an endowment has been established.  The amount available for distribution is carefully established by the Foundation to ensure the preservation and long-term growth of each endowment fund.

Endowments are structured to serve their intended charitable purpose(s) in perpetuity.

Many individuals have provided for the future of their church, a special charity or a favorite charitable cause through the creation of a named endowment fund within the Community Foundation.

Donors creating or contributing to an endowment have the assurance that their gifts will outlast their lifetimes.

The terms governing the administration of an endowment are set forth in a written document at the time the fund is created.  This agreement is legally binding, so you may rest assured that your charitable intentions will be followed.

If you wish to provide ongoing support for several charitable purposes, this can be accomplished through the creation of one endowment fund within the Foundation.

The organizations you wish to support through distributions from your endowment will continue to benefit from your generosity as long as they exist.

Should those organizations dissolve or no longer fulfill charitable purposes, the Foundation has the responsibility to redirect the income from your endowment for similar charitable purposes.  Thus, the original spirit of your gifts will be honored for generations to come.

If you wish to endow your charitable gifts and provide a lasting tribute to your family, please contact the Community Foundation for assistance in creating an endowment fund.

Endowing At The Community Foundation
If you give this amount each year: Your support can go on forever with a gift of:
$400 $10,000
$800 $20,000
$4,000 $100,000
$8,000 $200,000

(Current payout rate is 4% which helps preserve and add long-term value to an endowment fund.)

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