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Fox Valley Heart Foundation Receives $10K Grant From Community Foundation

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Bonnie Resch

The Fox Valley Heart Foundation recently received a $10,000 grant award from Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley to enhance heart risk awareness and screening programs in the community.

“We are grateful to the Community Foundation for their generosity in supporting our ongoing initiatives that help those less fortunate take charge of their heart health,” said Santosh Gill, MD, President of the Fox Valley Heart Foundation,

As a result of the funding support, the Fox Valley Heart Foundation will be able to purchase additional computers and equipment to support its community cholesterol and heart risk profile screening efforts.

“Our mission is to promote cardiovascular health while reducing gender and economic disparity and I believe that receiving this grant allows us to touch even more lives by providing much needed information and education to men and women who may not have access to it,” said Bonnie Resch, Secretary of the Fox Valley Heart Foundation and administrator for the grant project.

The vision of Fox Valley Heart Foundation is to create a tangible framework that facilitates every community member’s access to cardiovascular education, personal risk assessment, and the opportunities necessary to live a healthy life.

This vision requires the collaboration between the community at large, community healthcare institutions, local community representatives, and corporate.

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