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For Professional Advisors

Your clients have many choices when considering the beneficiaries of their charitable giving.  Thankfully, there is one organization – the Community Foundation – that can assist your clients in fulfilling all of their charitable objectives.

A named fund can be custom-designed to support one or more charitable organizations.  These funds can be given the name of the individual or family creating the fund.  Funds also can be given the name of the charitable organization or purposes to be served.

Creating a charitable fund within the Community Foundation is a quick, easy and cost-effective way for your clients to provide for the future as they intend.

You can review the many benefits and choices available to your clients by clicking on the topics listed under “For Professional Advisors”.

Please contact us if we may be of help to you.  We would be pleased to work with you in finding the right answer for your clients.

What Professional Advisors Are Saying

If you have a client who wishes to give back to their community, the Community Foundation is the answer.  They provide the highest quality services and protect my client’s interests at the same level of integrity I do.  They truly make charitable giving simple.


For many years, I have worked with the Community Foundation as one of their investment managers.  During this time, I have witnessed the outstanding services they provide to the residents of the Fox River Valley.  While I am impressed with their professional administration of charitable funds, I am especially thankful that the Foundation preserves the many family names that otherwise would be lost to history.  This is truly a unique service that is deserving of everyone’s support.


I have full confidence, based upon many years of interaction, that the Community Foundation handles its responsibilities with utmost care and integrity.  The Foundation directors and staff, steeped in knowledge of the local charitable landscape and guided by their distinct professionalism, consistently seek to provide the highest quality of services, programs and initiatives in response to donors’ desires and community needs.  It is a pleasure always to recommend to my clients the programs and services of the Community Foundation.


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