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Beds For Kids Fund

A Ministry for God's Children

Dan Sergi & Barbara Morton

Dan & Barbara Sergi

Beds for Kids emerged from a conversation between Dan Sergi and a colleague over 10 years ago.  That conversation brought to light the unfortunate reality that too many children go to bed each night without a warm place to rest their head.  These children were literally sleeping on the floors.

Dan responded that year by purchasing beds for several families in need. He then contacted local charitable organizations in an effort to raise awareness of this need and to inform them of his interest in addressing this situation.  All along, Dan personally continued to purchase beds for children in need.

As the awareness of Beds for Kids has grown among service organizations in the Fox Valley, so too have the requests for beds.  Dan continues to work closely with local not-for-profit organizations to raise awareness and identify families in need.  Beds for Kids now provides bedding, including pillows, blankets and sheets in addition to the beds themselves.

“The thought of children sleeping on the floor is very disturbing to me.  While other organizations provide food and clothing, I want to provide a warm comfortable bed for our children to sleep.” — Dan Sergi

Please consider supporting Beds for Kids so that hopefully, one day, every child will have a warm bed and a soft pillow to rest their head.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Thank you for your support!


If you are an agency representative serving children who are in need of beds, you can apply here for the Beds for Kids program.  Please see the guidelines below for additional information about the program. 


If you have questions about the program after reading the following guidelines, you can contact a program representative by clicking here.


Guidelines for Beds for Kids:
  • Beds for Kids will provide funding to 501c3 organizations only, not individuals.
  • Beds for Kids provides beds for kids only, ages 0 -18 years, not adults.
  • Beds for Kids provides funding for the organization to purchase a twin bed or crib per child, which includes the frame, boxspring, mattress, sheets, blanket, and pillow.  
  • Organizations are responsible for ordering, delivering and making sure that the families receive the bed.
  • Organizations apply for the program by completing an online application found on our website.
  • Questions about the program can be submitted through an online form located on the website.

Beds For Kids Success Stories






Read a Thank You Letter from Facing Forward to End Homelessness

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Read a Thank You Letter from Facing Forward to End Homelessness

“A woman’s baby daughter was able to return home to her mom and brother only because the crib was provided. Mom is now working and able to provide for her children.”

“This family consists of a young couple who have both been homeless since their teens and their daughter. Through your assistance we were able to provide a toddler bed for the daughter when the family obtained stable housing.”

“This donation provided a bed for high school senior who is an A/B student involved in mentoring and basketball.”

“This donation provided a crib for a newborn and bed to allow 4 & 8 year old to sleep separately. The family said, ‘We feel really loved and appreciated to know someone cares and shows support to us and keeping us together is a blessing and bond that can’t be broken. So thank you for all the help and support you give to our family.'”

“We were able to provide beds for two young boys as so that they have an appropriate place to sleep as they are growing. “

“The day after mom left a domestic violence shelter and moved into her new apartment, her four young children (who had been living with family) were able to join her. This was made possible by the beds that were delivered that day. Mom and kids were able to be in their own place and celebrate Christmas together.”

“Tonight’s delivery was very special.  A father and his three children (twin 8 year old boys and a 5 year old daughter) moved into their new home only hours before we arrived.  They said ‘thank you’ more times than we can remember. When the kids laid on their new beds, it seemed like their first beds they ever had…. we believe they were.”

-Marty Ovens, Knox Presbyterian Church

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