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Elgin Covid Response Fund

Established 2020


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The Elgin Covid Response Fund has been established through a powerful partnership between the City of Elgin and local, regional and state foundations. The fund seeks to provide support to local nonprofits for the purpose of providing direct financial assistance to individuals and families facing urgent, financial need as a result of the pandemic.

“As this pandemic wears on and we see an escalating toll on our communities in Elgin, these partners came together to establish a fund that creates just one more avenue of support for those individuals and families facing financial hardship,” explains Mayor Kaptain. “I am thankful for the leadership of these partner organizations and I hope more individuals, foundations, and corporations in our City will support this fund in the coming weeks.”

“These are extraordinary times that require extraordinary efforts. That is why the Seigle Family Foundation is proud to be a part of this steering committee that consists of several of the family and private foundations who have been committed to Elgin long before the pandemic and will be committed long after,” explains Mark Seigle. “We are asking our fellow Elginites to donate to this important fund. Any contribution will be a contribution that goes back into our community, into the hands of our neighbors in need.”

The ECRF was created through the leadership of the following partners: the City of Elgin, United Way Metro Chicago (formally United Way of Elgin), Grand Victoria Foundation, Seigle Family Foundation, Kaptain Family Trust, Wisdom Family Foundation and Hoffer Family Foundation. The fund is graciously hosted and administered at no cost by the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go back into the community.

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(630) 896-7800