Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley
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Free Family Scholarship Fund

Established 2021

The scholarship will be awarded annually to one eligible applicant in the amount of $1,000.00
To be eligible, applicants must meet these criteria:

This is a one-year scholarship and recipients are not eligible to apply for renewal.

  • Residency requirements/School District
    • Yorkville High School
  • Level of study to be supported (undergraduate, graduate, etc.)
    • Graduating High School Senior
    • Home educated and GED Recipients are not eligible
  • Requirement for field or fields of study and/or career guidelines
    • Bachelor Degree in Music
  • Type of School/College
    • 4-year college or university
    • 2-year college not eligible
    • Professional, vocational, trade schools are not eligible
  • Need based and/or merit-based requirements
    • Minimum of 3.0 GPA
    • Does not have to demonstrate financial need
  • Involvement in activities
    • Involvement in school and community activities

Criteria chosen must be objective, non-discriminatory, and reasonably related to the purpose of
the scholarship.

(630) 896-7800