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Kendall’s Kindness Scholarship Fund

Established 2022

The Kendall’s Kindness Scholarship Fund was created by the Maffia Family in loving memory of their daughter, sister, niece, and granddaughter Kendall Marie Maffia (6/12/2000-10/11/2021). This scholarship has been established to provide funding for two graduating seniors from either St. Charles North High School or St. Charles East High School. The Kendall’s Kindness Scholarship is intended for students who are planning to continue their education at a 4-year college and will major in an Arts-related degree.

Kendall was born on June 12, 2000. She attended Corron Elementary, Haines Middle School, and St. Charles North High School. Kendall had the most stunning beautiful blue eyes and a warm gentle smile. When Kendall was young, people would stop and say how beautiful her eyes were and how they sparkled. She had a gentle spirit and was a silly fun-loving kid. She was also very strong-willed from early on and knew exactly what she wanted. Kendall loved seeking out new adventures, being active and enjoyed hanging out with her family and friends. She loved to water ski, wake surf, snow ski, and enjoyed the camaraderie she had with her teammates on and off the soccer fields, cross country meets and neighborhood swim meets. She was a great student and always had a soft spot for animals. She was kind, thoughtful, and a wonderful person.

Kendall was an active member within High School clubs and sports including the Art Club, National Honors Society, and Girl’s Soccer and Track. She also volunteered for many community organizations in and out of High School. This is where her compassion for helping others and making a difference took shape. It was also in High School where Kendall’s love for art flourished and she would find any opportunity to be in the Art room. She started by taking 2D and 3D Media classes, continued with photography, and moved to Digital Media by the end of her High School career. She created many amazing works of art both for school and for friends/family and won awards for a few of her pieces. Kendall’s love for art was the main reason she continued her education in these classes and her teachers were also a huge factor. The Art teachers at St. Charles North showed Kendall empathy, support, care, and kindness and she loved and adored them dearly.


During her time in High School, Kendall was diagnosed with ADHD and struggled with time management and task completion. This affected her Art career as she aimed for perfection with each piece she tackled. As well as her struggle with classes, she also struggled with her physical & mental health, yet maintained her grades and a high GPA. The relationships that she created with both friends and faculty left an everlasting impression on Kendall, she adored and cherished her years spent at St. Charles North.

Kendall graduated High School in the Spring of 2018 and joined her sister McKenzie at the University of Iowa that fall. Kendall took one look at the Visual Arts Building and Art Building West and knew she would join the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Here she found a love for printmaking and also enjoyed her media studies classes. Kendall joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and walked on as a novice for the rowing team as a freshman. She joined these organizations in hopes of meeting people and continuing to be active. As she dove into her first semester, the stress of school and training took a toll on her mentally and physically. She ultimately chose to leave both groups and began individual therapy. Unfortunately, Covid-19 shortened her 2nd semester of sophomore year in 2020, and with art being an in-person degree, she chose to take the next year off and work until she knew she would be in person again.

Kendall was diagnosed in 2021 with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, moderate. She had joined group therapy in 2020 before being diagnosed and continued group therapy in 2021 along with individual therapy. It seemed as though she was heading in the right direction, setting new goals towards her overall well-being and planning for her future. Kendall unfortunately suffered in silence, making it appear to others that she was doing better than she actually was. The stigma surrounding mental illness and depression left her lonely and ultimately more depressed. Unexpectedly, Kendall lost her battle in the fall of 2021.

Kendall’s family and friends want Kendall’s kind-hearted, gentle, loving, and passionate spirit to continue to impact others. The Kendall’s Kindness Scholarship Fund has been established to support young people who are interested in art, have a passion for their community, and exhibit the gentle spirit and kindness that Kendall showed others every day.

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We chose the Community Foundation because of its reputation. It’s well known, established and we can trust them to do the job for us.

Dick Schindel

Richard and Susan Schindel Scholarship Funds

…you can always start small, even $25 can make a difference. Remember we can’t take our money with us. Even if it’s just your gift of time. Volunteer and get involved.

Cris Anderson

Cristina & Thomas S. Anderson Endowment Fund | Tom & Cris Anderson Colonial Advisory Fund

Thank you very much for supporting my college education for these four years. I will never be able to repay you for the opportunity that this scholarship has given to me.

Julia H.

[Renewing Scholarship Recipient] Graduate of Hinkley-Big Rock High School

As a first-generation college student from a low-income family, I was worried about how I was going to pay for books and supplies. This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my studies instead of worrying about how to afford college. I am working to not only create opportunities for myself but to motivate future generations. Thank you so much for helping me along this journey!

Moises J.

Claude & Alice Allen Memorial Scholarship Recipient

A community foundation is a donor-driven organization that helps donors custom-design funds that reflect their charitable interests. Through the years, grants from these funds have made a significant impact on our local communities.

Sharon Stredde

President Emeritus

There’s no question in my mind that the scholarship I received opened up possibilities.

Marianne Renner

Past Scholarship Recipient & Current Leadership Coach

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