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Don & Marie Marzuki Family Foundation

Established 2009

Donie & Marie Marzuki

Donie & Marie Marzuki

This family foundation was established by Jack Marzuki in memory of his loving parents and siblings.

Like many other people, Don and Marie Marzuki were first generation Americans who achieved a successful and fulfilling life in the face of adversity, including the loss of a child to fire.

Don Marzuki (1895-1976) was employed as a milkman and Marie Marzuki (1901-1976) was a homemaker.

The purpose of the Don and Marie Marzuki Family Foundation is to assist people from other countries who experience great adversity in their lives.

Matching grants from the fund will be available as an incentive for local students to become involved in the financial support of needy children living in the lesser developed countries and to assist students responding to a natural disaster or need in those nations.

Through these experiences, it is hoped that local youth will develop a spirit of philanthropy that extends to other countries.

It also is the intent of this fund to encourage an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and nations.

(630) 896-7800