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Herman & Catherine (Condon) Scheuring Endowment Fund

Established 2001

Herman & Catherine Scheuring

Herman & Catherine Scheuring

This fund is structured to provide annual distributions of income to local libraries.

Herman Scheuring (1904-1988) and Catherine Scheuring (1906-1983) were born and lived their entire lives in Kendall County.

They lived in their farm home in Bristol Township for fifty-three years of their married life. Mr. Scheuring’s entire career was associated with farming.

He helped organize St. Anne’s parish in Oswego, serving as one of its original trustees.

Mrs. Scheuring taught as a young woman at several country schools (Keck, Squire and Cutter Schools).

She completed her professional career by teaching kindergarten and first grade at the Montgomery Grade School (since renamed Nicholson School).

The couple held education in the highest regard and it is appropriate to memorialize their lives through the support of local repositories of knowledge – their local community libraries.

(630) 896-7800