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Swim City USA Fund

Established 2016

scusa_logoThis fund was created to support Swim City USA in its mission of building of a new indoor aquatics facility in the St. Charles area. Currently, Illinois does not possess adequate aquatic facilities to satisfy the needs and demands of its youth and adult program needs. The void fueled the creation of Swim City USA.

The vision is simple: to develop a new indoor aquatics facility located for maximum impact offering year-round options benefiting multiple communities while minimizing the impact on taxpayers.

Since its inception three years ago, Swim City USA has contracted with independent professionals to assess the feasibility of profitability of the project idea. All the independent study concluded a once-in-a-generation market exists for the right facility. The internal study of the St. Charles Park District, a leader in local aquatics programming, supported these conclusions. As a result, Swim City USA has partnered with St. Charles Park District to make the vision a reality.

Not only will this project touch the lives of those who use it on a day-to-day basis, but will serve as a community centerpiece, a source of pride and an economic engine for years to come.

The facility will be located at St. Charles Park District’s East Side Sports Complex, on land already owned by the district. It will be a social, health and economic center; an energetic force for change. It will contain two indoor pools – a large pool for lap swim, teaching, recreation and competition and a smaller pool for teaching, recreation, and therapy.

The proposed facility will serve groups far beyond young swimmers and divers. It will have positive impacts across all generations, from high-level swimmers to those just learning and improve the health of all, including non-swimmers. The facility will offer community programming including swim lessons, aquatic fitness and health programs, lifeguard training, and water safety programs. The facility will also serve aquatic clubs and teams in need of space for training and competitions.

Swim City USA and the St. Charles Park District have taken up the cause of bringing this project to its completion but cannot do it without you. Achieving the goals set out in this mission requires community-wide support. Once the benefits of the proposed facility are understood, community advocacy and support can propel the partnership to achieving the goal.


To learn more about Swim City USA and the proposed aquatics facility, explore and join in on Facebook.

(630) 896-7800