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Provena McAuley Manor Receives $10K Grant From Community Foundation

Dear Editor,

I want to express the gratitude of staff and residents of Provena McAuley Manor to the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley for approving a grant of $10,165 for our Resident Dining Program.  Since 2008, the Manor has been preparing to change our dining from institutional tray service to buffet.  The Community Foundation’s contribution supports this project.

Changing the culture of long term care is a goal for elder care sites across the country.  Provena Senior Services encourages all homes to take culture change seriously.  One goal of culture change in long term care is to create environments that are person-centered rather than task oriented.  Changes in the dining experience at the Manor have the potential to do this.  Buffet dining will allow meal times to be open, allowing residents to come at a time they choose.  The grant from the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley will provide money for environmental changes to the second floor dining room.  Our belief that where we eat is as much a part of the meal as what we eat prompts us to make these changes.  Knowing that the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley supports our efforts is a wonderful affirmation of that belief from persons who know us and value our services.

The grant from the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley is the second grant received for this project.  The Agatha O’Brien Ministry Fund of the Sisters of Mercy approved a grant of $19,777 in 2008/2009 for purchase of buffet dining equipment for the two dining rooms at the Manor.  Those who visit us in 2009 should see some changes in our services thanks to both of these generous funding organizations, and we are most grateful.

Sr. Judith Niemet, RSM
Assistant Administrator
Provena McAuley Manor

(630) 896-7800