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Young Fox Valley Singers Receives $2K Grant From Community Foundation

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Young Fox Valley Singers, (YFVS), was formed in 2008 as a satellite choir for the Young Naperville Singers, to service the Oswego and Fox Valley region.  Due to tremendous growth over the last three years, YFVS has changed rehearsal venues from a local church to the Allied First Bank in Oswego – in the Community Room.  With ample space but no rehearsal piano available, YFVS sought outside funding to purchase this instrument necessary for choir practice.

The Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley came through with a $2,000 grant that was used to purchase a new Kawai CN43 digital piano, piano cover, lock, and dolly for transporting.  The piano is currently being used for weekly rehearsals with the two YFVS choirs, as well as for community performances.  Since the piano is securely housed at Allied First Bank, other community groups that are granted use of the bank’s Community Room would, with permission, be allowed to use the piano.  Therefore, a larger portion of the Fox Valley community will benefit from this purchase. A plaque affixed on the piano recognizes the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley for their generous donation.

YFVS Choir Director, Jennifer Helwig states, “We are so thankful for the opportunity to have such a fantastic digital piano for our new rehearsal space.  It sounds great, very much like an acoustic piano would sound, allowing our singers to tune better.  It moves very easily between our rehearsal space and the storage room, and the size easily allows the accompanist full view of the conductor and singers.  Another plus is, due to the fact that it is digital, we do not have to worry about the cost or hassle of tuning it.  It will remain in tune despite weather changes and moving it so often.  What a wonderful gift this has been to YFVS!”

YFVS is filling a need in the Fox Valley Area as an organization offering musical opportunities for young people who love to sing.  Through shared musical experiences and the nature of a choir, students are also able to build strong bonds of friendship with those in the organization.  The grant by the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley has allowed YFVS to hold true to its mission:  The dedication to promoting the highest level of artistic excellence in choral music through extraordinary educational and performance experiences that enrich the lives of young people.  The Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley is located at 111 West Downer Place, Suite 312; Aurrora, IL  60506.  To find out more information, go to

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