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Legacy Society Members

We gratefully recognize the following individuals who remembered the Foundation with a bequest from their estate or who have indicated that the Foundation has been named as a future beneficiary of their estate. These special community benefactors have enriched the lives of others through their concern for the charitable needs of our community. If you have included the Foundation in your estate plan, please consider becoming a member of our Legacy Society. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to pay tribute to your thoughtfulness.  Learn more about making a charitable bequest.

  • Gerald D. Abel
  • Alice E. Allen
  • Stephen J. Andras
  • Nanci Sue Anfinsen
  • Identa M. Austin
  • Alma L. Bachert
  • Dr. William J. & Doris M. Ball
  • Dr. Carl H.H. & Anne M. Baumann
  • Mary Hogan Bencini
  • William W. Boden
  • Mary J. Boland
  • Helen A. Brackney
  • John A. Brennecke
  • Margaret Brennecke
  • Alicemae Brown
  • Lorraine B. Bryant
  • Sherry L. Bryant
  • Jeffry A. & Patricia E. Butler
  • Irene V. Campbell
  • Charles & Josiedell Carnes
  • Mary R. Chapman
  • Howard E. Charles, Sr.
  • Glenn D. & Leola M. Commons
  • James S. Copley
  • Roy E. Davis
  • Herman A. Dickes
  • James Dorion
  • William & Lorrine Draudt
  • John S. Dunham
  • Howard C. Eagle
  • Barbara K. Engelbracht
  • Viola Erlenborn
  • Tish Evers
  • Edward H. & Frances M. Fauth
  • James H. & Ione P. Fitzgerald
  • Francis A. Geib
  • Dr. & Mrs. Howard E. Gillette
  • Colonel Sidney Ginsberg
  • Margaret F. Glenn
  • H. Linton & Sue Graham
  • William B. Greene
  • Kenneth G. Grueter
  • Vernon H. Haase
  • Ruth N. Hamper
  • Josephine M. Hancock
  • Marion L. Harmon
  • Eileen R. Hart
  • Jean C. Hart
  • Lawrence P. Hartlaub
  • Gary E. & Mary E. Hauge
  • Donald A. Heinz
  • Karen Roots Helm
  • Ronald M. & Janet S. Hem
  • Barbara H. Henning
  • Carl E. & Marilyn J. Hess
  • William P. & Ruth E. Hilgen
  • Dave & Sandy Hipp
  • Ella M. Hoffman
  • W. Charlie & Shirley L. Hooper
  • Eldon L. Hueber
  • Mary Virginia Hughes
  • Eleanor C. Hungar
  • Shirley Miller Hurd
  • Justus L. & Grace Hobbs Johnson
  • Malcolm L. & Lydia J. Jones
  • Darrell L. & Nancy S. Jordan
  • Edward & Genevieve Jungels
  • Betty M. Kahle
  • Phyllis G. Kramer
  • Wanda H. Kuhn
  • Louise G. Lane
  • Marie T. Leifheit
  • Herbert L. Lester
  • Frederick W. Lindblad
  • Ruth Ann Little
  • Mary M. Luther
  • Jack D. Marzuki
  • Gary L. & Judy C. McCann
  • Mary Ann Court McGray
  • John F. & Gwen H. McKee
  • Albert W. Medernach
  • Audrey V. Mellott
  • William F. Messenger
  • Bette Jayne Miller
  • Frank R. & Marianne Miller
  • Robert G. Mukensturm
  • James & Katherine Navota
  • Marie E. Oberweis
  • Merrill E. & Frances C. Olson
  • Paul A. Ormond
  • June Z. Orr
  • Louis R. Pauly
  • Martha W. Peffers
  • Dorothy L. Perkins
  • David B. Perry
  • Geraldine E. Pilmer
  • Dortha Pooley
  • Alma A. Price
  • Ralph C. Putnam, Jr.
  • Evelyn E. Rackmyer
  • Virginia R. Rayburn
  • Irene M. Raymond
  • Janet Irene Raymond
  • Lydia B. Raymond
  • Gary A. & Mary Ruth Roberts
  • Edna M. Rollins
  • Allan L. Schoeberlein
  • Fred W. Schussler
  • Lillian R. Schwarz
  • Robert G. Schweitzer
  • Mildred E. Shambo
  • Elizabeth Knell Shepard
  • Katharyn Simons
  • Beverly R. & Ruth H. Skaggs
  • Lewis B. & Jeanette A. Spilman
  • Paul Francis & Marian Goodwin Stare
  • Margaret Mercer Stewart
  • Joseph & Carolyn Stoffel
  • Austin E. Stoll
  • Edward & Sharon Stredde
  • Robert E. Stredde
  • Carl R. Swanson
  • Henry & Lauralyn Theodore
  • Lucius A. Thomas
  • Francis D. Tighe
  • Barbara Tinker
  • Jacques & Charlotte Toussaint
  • Paul R. Underwood
  • Louis N. Vago
  • Fred Vargason & Kay Curtis-Vargason
  • Frank & Frances Voris
  • Robert & Shirley Waldo
  • George E. & Cora L. Webster
  • Sol Weisman
  • Bertha Weissman
  • Dorothy E. White
  • Marian Winteringham
  • Jack Desha Witt
  • Marilyn K. Wolf
  • Harry & Viola Worland
  • William A. Wulff
  • Louise C. Zilly

Being a part of the Community Foundation scholarship committee is the highlight of my year. For many, a scholarship from the Community Foundation is the reason they are able to continue reaching for their dreams and changing the future of our world. I hope each recipient knows just how inspirational they are to those of us who are lucky enough to read their stories.

Jessica Breugelmans

Board Member & Scholarship Committee Member

As a first-generation college student from a low-income family, I was worried about how I was going to pay for books and supplies. This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my studies instead of worrying about how to afford college. I am working to not only create opportunities for myself but to motivate future generations. Thank you so much for helping me along this journey!

Moises J.

Claude & Alice Allen Memorial Scholarship Recipient

A community foundation is a donor-driven organization that helps donors custom-design funds that reflect their charitable interests. Through the years, grants from these funds have made a significant impact on our local communities.

Sharon Stredde

President Emeritus

…you can always start small, even $25 can make a difference. Remember we can’t take our money with us. Even if it’s just your gift of time. Volunteer and get involved.

Cris Anderson

Cristina & Thomas S. Anderson Endowment Fund | Tom & Cris Anderson Colonial Advisory Fund

We chose the Community Foundation because of its reputation. It’s well known, established and we can trust them to do the job for us.

Dick Schindel

Richard and Susan Schindel Scholarship Funds

Thank you very much for supporting my college education for these four years. I will never be able to repay you for the opportunity that this scholarship has given to me.

Julia H.

[Renewing Scholarship Recipient] Graduate of Hinkley-Big Rock High School

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