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Life Members

We are pleased to acknowledge the generous support of our Life Members. Life Membership is conferred on donors making gifts of $500 or more, or five annual gifts of $100, to the Foundation’s Permanent Endowment Fund or Administrative Endowment Fund. Life Membership gifts are permanently preserved to provide income to meet the future charitable needs of area citizens and to support the administrative activities of the Foundation.


Dr. & Mrs. Gary L. Ahasic
Edwin J. Aister, Jr.
Ann T. Alexander
Duncan M. Alexander
George Alexander, Jr.
John Alexander, Jr.
Karen Alexander
L. Deann Alleman
Anne C. Alschuler
Roger O. & Patricia M. Anderson
Thomas & Cristina Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Richard I. Angell
Jack & Ramona Augustine
Aurora Radiology Consultants
Alexander Balc, Jr.
Kenneth W. Barnes
Thomas G. & Ruth H. Bastian
BKD Door, Inc.
Stewart A. & Claire E. Beach
James E. Benson
Robert S. Bergman
Kathy Birkett
Joy C. Bowling
Alan L. & Carrollyn J. Brady
Hilary Brennan
Janice R. Brent
BRK Brands, Inc.
Honorable F. Keith Brown (Ret.)
Gregory D. Buffington
Jamie Mary Buss
Philip & Mary Lynn Cali
Donald & Rosalie Cassiday
Judith G. Chester
Paul & Sue Christensen
Coffman Truck Sales, Inc.
Jennifer L. Conklin
Kay Conover
Carter L. & Donna M. Crane
Ted Crawshaw
Virginia A. Deisher
John & Joanne Diederich
Marion Dodd
Dunham Foundation
Shirley J. Eggers
Eloise Eilert
Jeffries H. Eilert
Michelle T. Emanuel & Teodoro G. Alonso
Donald & Patricia Fabian
George A. Finley III
Robert V. & Sheila M. Fitzsimmons
Daniel A. Flynn
Susan M. Flynn
Marilyn Foote
Martha T. Garbe
Louis C. Garza
John C. & Mary Ann Gee
Geneva Construction Company
Dr. Santosh K. Gill
Mardi Glenn
Jean A. Goehlen
Jeanine Gordon
Edward L. & Ellen J. Gramme
Rick & Desiree Guzman
Dr. John Habermeyer
Virginia Erekson Hamer
Barbara A. Harp
Jane & Roger Harris
Jeffrey & Erin Hartman
Barbara A. Harty
Joan H. Hedley
David M. & Jean A. Heffernan
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Heriaud
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Q. Herwick
Dave & Sandy Hipp
James P. & Marci J. Hofner
John J. Hoscheit
Robert & Kathryn Hubbard
Joan E. Humm
Arthur Jensen, Jr.
Joel C. Jerabek
Dr. & Mrs. Judson E. Jones
Malcolm L. Jones, Jr.
Darrell & Nancy Jordan
Drs. Neil & Betty Kay
Elizabeth H. Kerr
Cathy Ann Kott
Gary & Flip Krattenmaker
Thomas J. & Patricia M. Krave
The Lakone Company
John M. & Dana D. Lamont
Theodore R. Landgraf
Abby Laughlin Bellgrau
Leo & Annette Laughlin
Sandra Bauer Lay
Layne-Western Company, Inc.
David & Susan Leader
Eloise E. Linboom
Hunter Linboom
Walker Linboom
Hedy K. Lindgren
Meredith Lindgren
Ronald A. & Bridget J. Link
Gary & Cynthia Lippincott
Charles & Denise Lueth
Lyon Metal Products, Inc.
James A. & Patricia P. MacLachlan
Margaret P. Main
John R. Mangers, Sr.
John Marriner
James E. Martner
James R. & Susan J. McAninch
Scott F. & Kelly E. McCleary
John & Marie McEachern
John F. McKee
Linda H. McKee
Rosalie Katz McLaughlin
Donald J. Meyer
Marianne Miller
John C. & Barbara D. Muschler
Calvin & Janis Myers
Kay Myler
James & Katherine Navota
David A. Neumann
Mary H. O’Connor
Old Second National Bank
Neal & Mary Clark Ormond
Gerald & Mary Ellen Palmer
Scott Palmer
Marilyn Parolini
Mr. & Mrs. John Pasulka
Clifford G. & Marjorie R. Pensyl
John Peoples
James C. & Lori J. Petry
Gregory J. Probst
Timothy J. & Kathleen O. Reuland
Emma W. Reynolds
Richards-Wilcox Manufacturing
Gary Roberts
Susan Rogaliner
Diane M. Row
Russell W. & Sharon D. Ruda
James & Mary Rudnicki
Joyce Rudolph
Edward F. Sabo
Paul J. Sabotta
Mac & Elaine Salazar
Martha G. Schnake
Harrison Schneider
Alan H. & Margaret S. Schuler
Dr. Bernie Schupbach
Frank & Louise Schwab
Kimberly L. Severson
Mary C. Shoemaker
James Sibley
Jerry Skinner
Larry L. Sliauter
Frank & Marla Smith
Thomas E. & Barbara L. Smith
Mrs. Walter A. Sperry
Marcia A. Stevenson
Edward & Sharon Stredde
Alan J. Stutz, MD
Duane & Jeaneen Suits
The Voice
Third Ward Social Club
Carol Thompson
Arlene A. Thurow
Joy Titiner
Mark & Pam Truemper
Nancy Sue Twine
Sue Unteed
Irving L. & Darlene M. Vickers
Gerald A. & Susan Las Vogus
Frank K. & Charlotte Voris
Ralph & Linda Voris
Scott & Michelle Voris
Wadsworth Company
Leslie Wadsworth
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wake
Thomas G. Wake
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard R. Wass
Donald & Elaine Weber
Weldstar Company
Thomas R. & Gail Kubis Wright
Ronald D. Yenerich
Phillip R. Yoder
Barbara Zillgitt

Thank you very much for supporting my college education for these four years. I will never be able to repay you for the opportunity that this scholarship has given to me.

Julia H.

[Renewing Scholarship Recipient] Graduate of Hinkley-Big Rock High School

…you can always start small, even $25 can make a difference. Remember we can’t take our money with us. Even if it’s just your gift of time. Volunteer and get involved.

Cris Anderson

Cristina & Thomas S. Anderson Endowment Fund | Tom & Cris Anderson Colonial Advisory Fund

As a first-generation college student from a low-income family, I was worried about how I was going to pay for books and supplies. This scholarship will allow me to focus more on my studies instead of worrying about how to afford college. I am working to not only create opportunities for myself but to motivate future generations. Thank you so much for helping me along this journey!

Moises J.

Claude & Alice Allen Memorial Scholarship Recipient

A community foundation is a donor-driven organization that helps donors custom-design funds that reflect their charitable interests. Through the years, grants from these funds have made a significant impact on our local communities.

Sharon Stredde

President Emeritus

We chose the Community Foundation because of its reputation. It’s well known, established and we can trust them to do the job for us.

Dick Schindel

Richard and Susan Schindel Scholarship Funds

There’s no question in my mind that the scholarship I received opened up possibilities.

Marianne Renner

Past Scholarship Recipient & Current Leadership Coach

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