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Fund Advisor FAQs

Our Fund Advisor portal is a valuable resource that allows those who advise a CFFRV fund to view recent fund activity, make contributions, and more. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to further guide you as you use your fund. For information specific to scholarship Fund Advisors, please see our Scholarship Fund Advisor FAQs underneath the main FAQ section.


How do I. . .

Access the portal?

To access the portal at any time, visit and sign in using your username and password.

If you serve as an advisor for multiple charitable funds, you will see the “Choose Fund” menu once you have successfully signed in. Choose the particular fund with which you wish to interact.

Make a distribution?

Those with donor advised funds can either make a distribution request via the Fund Advisor portal ( or fill out our Distribution Suggestion Form – Donor Advised Funds.

Those with restricted funds can make a distribution request by filling out our Distribution Suggestion Form – Restricted Funds.

Make a donation?

Use the "Donate" tab within the Fund Advisor portal to make a contribution to your fund.  Click “Donate To A Fund” at the top right to make a donation to another fund administered by the Community Foundation. Additionally, you can donate on our website by selecting "See All Funds" under the "Funds" tab and selecting the fund to which you'd like to donate. 

Create or change my fund profile page?

fund through text and images. (Note: some limitations apply.) 

For any assistance related to your fund page, please contact our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Anna Oelerich, at or 331-208-9427.

Tell others about my fund?

Sharing your fund page with others is simple. Once your fund page is created, we provide you with a short link, which you can then share with your community so they can quickly and smoothly navigate to your fund page.

Know how much money is in my fund, or see who has donated to my fund?

This information is available within the Fund Advisor portal.

Make someone else a Fund Advisor?

Please contact our Donor Services Coordinator, Johnna Hollis, at or 331-208-9424 to discuss making this change.  

Retrieve or change my login information?

Contact our Donor Services Coordinator, Johnna Hollis, at or 331-208-9424, to receive a link with instructions to reset your login/password information.  

Thank someone who donated to my fund?

You are welcome to thank donors (who have not requested anonymity) as you wish! However, we do send acknowledgement letters to each named donor for you as part of our services. This includes the name of the fund, the donation amount, and important tax information.

Instruct someone to donate to my fund by mail?

Due to COVID-19, we are currently only accepting mail donations to our PO Box. (Online donations are always accepted.) Donors must include our name when addressing the envelope. Both of the following iterations are acceptable: 

       Fund Name, c/o Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley 

       Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley 

Drop off a cash donation?

Cash donation dropoff is available by appointment only. Please contact our Donor Services Coordinator, Johnna Hollis, at or 331-208-9424, to set up an appointment.  

Ask a question?

We would love to answer any additional questions you may have. Our Donor Services Coordinator, Johnna Hollis, can be reached at or 331-208-9424. 



Scholarship Fund Advisor FAQs


How do I. . .

Make a distribution?

Those with scholarship funds administered through the CFFRV Scholarship Program do not make distributions separate from the scholarship award agreed upon in their fund terms. 

Those with scholarship funds administered by a committee outside of the CFFRV Scholarship Program should contact our Scholarship Team at or 630-896-7800 to discuss the distribution process. 

Tell others about my fund?

For those with scholarship funds who wish to promote said funds, it is important to remember that students cannot apply to any one individual scholarship. Rather, when they apply to the CFFRV Scholarship Program, they are potentially considered for many scholarships within the program. Therefore, we are unable to provide scholarship Fund Advisors with data as to who applied to their scholarship. Additionally, due to the high volume of scholarship funds we administer, we cannot promote individual scholarships – either generally or according to various criteria (i.e. high school, declared major, etc.) We always welcome Fund Advisors’ enthusiasm in promoting their fund as part of the larger program. For any other scholarship fund-related questions, please contact our Scholarship Team at or 630-896-7800.  

Know when someone has been awarded a scholarship from my fund?

Please contact our Scholarship Team at or 630-896-7800.

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