Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley
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Officers, Directors And Staff



Scott Voris

Austin Dempsey

Lourdes “Lulu” Blacksmith, EdD
Corporate Secretary


James Eccher



(L to R) Back Row: Kathryn Birkett, PhD; Jeffrey Cali; Stan Free; Cheryl Vonhoff; Robert Hollis. Middle Row: Joyce Hemphill, PhD; Duane Suits; James Eccher; Duncan Alexander. Front Row: Richard Guzman; Lourdes “Lulu” Blacksmith, EdD; John Diederich; Scott Voris; Austin Dempsey.

Not pictured: Jessica Breugelmans and Wendy White Eagle



Julie Christman – President & CEO
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Greg Probst – Vice President of Finance & Operations
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Cathy Schwieger – Director of Grantmaking
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Beth Christoffel – Scholarship Program Manager
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Johnna Hollis – Donor Services Coordinator
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Cintia Abney – Administrative Assistant
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President Emeritus

Sharon Stredde — President Emeritus
(President & CEO, 1985 – 2015)
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(630) 896-7800