Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley
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Benefits I Will Receive

The Community Foundation continues to seek new and innovative ways to meet the needs of charitable donors. As the community’s permanent “Charitable Investment Firm,” our primary purpose is to work with donors who wish to return a portion of their resources to the community. Many donors choose to give through the Foundation because of the advantages a community foundation offers.

Permanent Guardianship Of Gifts

A gift to the Foundation may establish, or be added to, an endowment fund. These funds are structured to serve their intended purpose(s) in perpetuity.  The amount available for distribution is carefully established by the Foundation to ensure the preservation and long-term growth of each endowment fund.  Donors appreciate knowing that their contributions will extend beyond their lifetimes and will be safeguarded to serve the community as originally intended.

Maximum Tax Deductibility

The Community Foundation is classified as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) and Section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code. This status affords donors tax deductions for income and estate tax purposes to the maximum extent permissible under current tax law.

Special Tax Benefits

Donors contributing appreciated assets to the Foundation receive the following benefits: (1) capital gains taxes will not be levied on the donated property, and (2) an income tax deduction can be taken on the full, fair market value of the gift. These advantages apply if the assets have been owned for the requisite period of time (currently for at least one year and a day).

Tax-Sheltered Growth Of Funds

Contributions to charitable funds within the Foundation grow tax free. This means that donors are able to build charitable reserves in their names without incurring additional taxes.

Choice Of Charitable Beneficiaries

Donors are able to realize most charitable intents by designating the organizations or the philanthropic purposes to be served by their fund. Through the Foundation, donors have the freedom to structure funds to accomplish their charitable objectives.

Economies Of Scale

We strive to offer a better investment return to each participating fund within the Foundation through: (1) the pooling of assets, (2) the diversification of investments and (3) the reduction of costs to any one fund through shared expenses.


Funds may be established in the name of the donor, the donor’s family, a friend, a business, a charitable purpose, or another organization. Those establishing endowment funds are guaranteed perpetual recognition through publications and through the annual distributions of grants in the name of the fund. Conversely, the Foundation understands and respects a donor’s wish for anonymity and will administer such gifts accordingly.


The Foundation carefully adheres to the terms of all gifts entrusted to its care. If the original purposes of a fund become obsolete or incapable of fulfillment, the Foundation has the responsibility to redirect the fund to other related purposes. That power is used sparingly and donors may rest assured that the spirit of their charitable objectives will be represented in perpetuity.


Annual reviews through an independent audit, filing of tax returns, public disclosure of all grant activity, and careful selection of board members ensure continued use of funds in the public interest.

Foundation Within A Foundation

Affiliation with the Foundation offers the advantages of a private foundation without the attendant expense and time commitment. We relieve donors of the complications of administering their own foundations by assuming full responsibility for the efficient, prudent management of each fund entrusted to our care.

(630) 896-7800