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Janice Joy Melisi Memorial Foundation

Established 2023

The Janice Joy Melisi Memorial Foundation (aka Joy Foundation) was established to continue the loving and caring legacy of Janice Joy Melisi. The Foundation will support kids attending mission trips through Our Lady Of Mercy of Aurora and provide toys, blankets and items of joy to children undergoing pediatric cancer treatments. Janice Melisi (1954 – 2022) spent most of her life in southern California before her husband, John Melisi Sr., and three kids, Rebecca Melisi, John Melisi Jr., Joseph Melisi, moved to Aurora, Illinois in 1995. Janice loved singing, horses, attending mass and being a close part of her parish, cheering the Chicago Cubs, chatting over cups of coffee with friends, making a beautiful home, and being with her “hubby”. Janice was always in service of others and a deeply dedicated to God’s work. Above all else, Janice loved being a wife to her husband and a mother to her three kids, even sometimes adopting her children’s friends as kids of her own. Being a mother and a wife was her greatest joy and most proud achievement.



Tributes to Janice Joy Melisi:

Mom gave our family an unbreakable strength through love and forged a bond between us that will last a lifetime. She had a gravity to her—every soul that orbited her was immediately drawn in, welcomed, cared for, and treated as family. She was devout catholic—a shining example of “do onto others as you’d have done to you. Mom was particularly brilliant at making people feel at ease and heard. She listened attentively, understood quickly, she gave validation when you felt alone and offered advice and perspective when you needed it.

Mom was endlessly supportive. Of the sports we wanted to play, instruments we wanted to learn, projects and backyard hockey rinks we wanted to build and of the friends and people we welcomed into our lives—she was always all in. Mom called you on your bull. She had no patience for smoke or brown nosing. She brought all of herself to everyone truthfully and honestly and if you couldn’t do the same, she’d let you know.

Mom was the most beautiful and caring person I will ever know. I know every morning when I look in the mirror and see the red in my beard, I’ll be reminded that though she is no longer with us on Earth, that she’s always with me and her legacy proceeds through me, and my siblings. We miss you so much, Mom. I love you.

– Joseph Gene Melisi

She always had the gift of listening. Her words were soft, non-judgmental, caring, and I always left our conversations with a new perspective. I miss her tremendously. I’ll love her always.

– Esther James

Dearest Janice, I will always remember your thick red hair and that little poncho you use to wear to Teen Club events. You are a stellar example of a strong and resilient women who was devoted to her husband and children. Your faith in God and love of your Church served as an example to many including me. I keep thinking God gave in and allowed that extra earthly time to witness the marriage of your two sons but really couldn’t wait for your lovely company in the heavens. Missing you. Loving you.

– Elsa Padres

May the love and hearts she touched stay with all those who knew her. She was a best friend anyone could ever have.

– Allyson Martini

Janice my only sister, was one of Gods strongest soldiers. Her kindness and love she had was unbeatable She always for as long as I can remember put family first which was most important to her I want to thank my sister for the care she took with my brother Christopher and always putting him first She is now at peace and she is with Christ, Chris, Dad and mom I know I never told you enough, how much I loved you and how much I appreciated you But I did with all my heart! REST IN PEACE my dear sister.

– Warren Rich

You have been a beacon of faith, hope, & love to all who have been fortunate to know you. We look forward to another SJV reunion in a distant future in the heavens above! Much love.

Denise & Tom Chavira

Janice will be missed. She loved to sing Blue Bayou. She had fun parties, and an excellent hostess. Always had a smile and a song in her heart. We were very sorry to hear of her passing.

– Denise Walker

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Read her eulogy beautifully written by close family friend Cindy Mooney.

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