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My Genius Now Fund

Established 2018

My Genius Now is an after-school program which, based in literacy and enhanced with music, art, creative writing, and other opportunities, helps students realize their potential and discover their “genius”! We believe everyone has a genius and needs the freedom to discover the area in which they can shine and build self-esteem.

In this simple and relaxed atmosphere, we introduce literacy as something enjoyable and informational with a computer program called NewsEla. Students can read for fun by selecting articles on subjects that interest them (science, arts, health, etc.), which can be filtered by text level and reading skill. We also reward growth in literacy and promote community thinking in the students’ choice of creative expression. Once students complete their articles and answer several relevant questions, they are free to move on to areas of art and music.

With this program, we hope to build a community of productive young people with confidence, talent, kindness, and hope for a better future for all. We always welcome community members to come and share their careers, talents, and trades, knowing that middle school students crave information about the world and their future in it.

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(630) 896-7800