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Hesed House Receives $25K Grant From Community Foundation

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Ryan J. Dowd, Executive Director
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Once again, the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley has recognized, and responded to, an opportunity to help improve and enrich the lives of individuals in our community.  I am honored to recognize the Foundation for recently awarding a $25,000 grant to Hesed House to sponsor the Educational Opportunities Office in its new Homeless Resource Center at 680 South River Street.

We are extremely grateful for this most generous grant from the Community Foundation and are proud to display its name on the Educational Opportunities Office as well as on the Wall of Honor gracing our new building.  The guidance and one-on-one support that will take place in the Educational Opportunities Office is a critical component in getting individuals and families out of homelessness.  Providing educational opportunities to individuals who would otherwise not have access to, or knowledge of, is an important first step for many who are working to reclaim independent lives.

This generous donation is another example of the stewardship  exercised by the Community Foundation in allocating funds in the most meaningful ways on behalf of the local citizens who provide resources to the Foundation.  Hesed House, in turn, will continue to work hard to validate the trust the Foundation has placed in its hands to change the lives of our poorest neighbors.

Hesed House acquired the 38,000 SF facility at 680 South River Street, Aurora in the fall of 2007 for additional space to expand services to help individuals out of homelessness. The 5,000 SF Phase I renovation was completed in June of this year, providing 15 offices for case managers; a work-force development professional; mental health and addictions counseling; legal services; educational opportunities, veterans and re-housing assistance; a media lab;  a homeless prevention program  and a training and conference center.

On behalf of the men, women and children served at Hesed House, its board of directors, staff and volunteers, we say thank you, to the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley.

Ryan J. Dowd, Atty., MPA
Hesed House Executive Director

(630) 896-7800