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Scholarship Volunteer Spotlight: Dorothy Heckle

What brought you to the Fox River Valley?

Having grown up in Geneva and being able to see other parts of the world through my career and travels, my husband and I felt there is no better place than Batavia to call home. There is an abundance of small town simple pleasures to enjoy with the hustle and culture of the big city nearby.

You have a professional background in marketing. How long have you been in that space?

I have been in marketing my entire career and the last 20 years have been very rewarding. I have grown professionally, learning the ropes of brand development and innovation working at consumer packaged goods companies. More recently, I have been leading marketing teams at domestic manufacturers looking to diversify and grow.

How long have you been a CFFRV Scholarship Committee member?

I’ve been a Committee member since 2016.

What made you decide to join the CFFRV Scholarship Committee?

I was compelled to join after meeting with Board member, Scholarship Committee leader and friend, Austin Dempsey. We talked about how the Community Foundation, through this committee, makes a tremendous impact in the lives of families right here in the Fox Valley. These local efforts are changing people’s lives and giving them a springboard to reach their dreams.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a CFFRV Scholarship Committee member?

The most rewarding thing about this committee is that as a team, we work extremely hard, poring through hundreds of candidates to truly find the best fit for each scholarship. We do so to uphold the requirements of each gift, the way it was intended. Many times, we go beyond just good grades, class load or extra-curricular when considering the scholarship awards. The dynamic student stories of triumph, overcoming adversity, taking charge of their education in spite of obstacles is humbling to witness.

It’s rewarding to get to the finish line knowing we have gifted over $1.7 million [in 2020] to qualified and deserving students.

What do you think other people should know about the CFFRV Scholarship Program, or CFFRV in general?

The CFFRV Scholarship Program is rich in history and goodwill, and represents many family legacies in the Fox Valley. The nature of the program provides a way for those that have contributed and built our communities to help future generations make a positive impact in the world.

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